The Association and its goals

Tastatur und Maus e.V. (TUM e.V.) is an association established to support the demoscene. The association was founded 2008 by the organizers of the demoparty "the Ultimate Meeting".

The main activity focuses on the organization of the annual demoparty "the Ultimate Meeting". In addition, the association is involved in other European demoparties. The association is a non-profit organization -  any profit is solely used for supporting the demoscene.

The members of the association are active demosceners as well as enthusiastic supporters of digital art.

The association at a glance

Becoming a member

Computer art enthusiasts have the opportunity to play an active role in our events. Other ways of support are welcome as well. Passive memberships of individuals and companies as well as long-term sponsoring partnerships are appreciated.

I want to become a member of the association Tastatur und Maus e.V.

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